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Welcome to the Metatronia Therapy Workshop site. All Metatronia Therapy Workshops are run by official and appointed workshop Facilitators.

Metatronia Therapy is "light evolutionary Energy Healing" from the One Source Vibration. Linking us directly into the One Creator/Source Vibration through energetic alignment.

There are pre-requisite forms to complete before attending the Workshop. The first is an application form is completed, then the workbook is sent to you with a Q&A to complete prior to the workshop.

The Transmissions of Light meditations are exclusive and integral part of this workshop. You will be linked directly with Metatron's beautiful and transformational energy and when this link is made many changes come to you, in many forms. The experience within the workshops is based on feeling and sensing this vibration. Please note - these are very high vibrational and powerful transformational workshops and those who feel ready as they are journeying on their Ascension and Awakening Evolutionary path will be drawn to this work.

(The workshop agenda may alter slightly according to which Faciliator is running it).

(Only official workshop facilitators are able to run these workshops. A list of Metatronia Workshop Facilitators can be found at 


Please click on the relevant GoToWebinar Registration Link to Register for the event/s you are interested in. All webinar events are recorded if you are unable to make the live event:

These are held quarterly

26th AUGUST 2015
Hosts: Tammy Majchrzak, Valorie Farber, Margery Bambrick