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Welcome to the Metatronia Therapy Workshop site. All Metatronia Therapy Workshops are run by official and appointed workshop Facilitators.

Metatronia Therapy is "light evolutionary Energy Healing" from the One Source Vibration. Linking us directly into the One Creator/Source Vibration through energetic alignment.

There are pre-requisite forms to complete before attending the Workshop. The first is an application form is completed, then the workbook is sent to you with a Q&A to complete prior to the workshop.

The Transmissions of Light meditations are exclusive and integral part of this workshop. You will be linked directly with Metatron's beautiful and transformational energy and when this link is made many changes come to you, in many forms. The experience within the workshops is based on feeling and sensing this vibration. Please note - these are very high vibrational and powerful transformational workshops and those who feel ready as they are journeying on their Ascension and Awakening Evolutionary path will be drawn to this work.

(The workshop agenda may alter slightly according to which Faciliator is running it).

(Only official workshop facilitators are able to run these workshops. A list of Metatronia Workshop Facilitators can be found at 


Please click on the relevant GoToWebinar Registration Link to Register for the event/s you are interested in. All webinar events are recorded if you are unable to make the live event:

These are held quarterly

17th June 2015
Hosts: Tammy Majchrzak, Valorie Farber, Margery Bambrick

laguna hills 1
laguna hills 1

30th & 31st MAY 2015
10am - 5pm both days

Located in beautiful Orange County, California at:
25260 La Paz Rd. Suite D
Laguna Hills, Ca 92653

Hosts: Tammy Majchrzak & Valorie Farber


PowerPoint, Attunement to Active Practitioner, Demonstration, Discussion, Products, Hands on Healing Guidance, Transmissions of Light and more. This is a very powerful and transformational energy workshop linking us directly to the Light of the One Source through Metatron.

PowerPoint display, workbook, tools, meditations, divine connection, meditation and more
($444 both days or $222 either day)


Metatronia Therapy is the latest in Electromedicine. It is alignment to The One Source through Metatron. Aligning you to the Higher Heart and aligning to Divine Mind. Releasing the mind, to return to the Divine Thought-forms of the Light. Alignment is the Undoing of all that is not the Truth of you. 

Metatron brings alignment with the sacred geometric Inscriptions of the Living Light of the Metatronic Consciousness. Metatronia Therapy offers Ascension Alignment, undoing any blocks, lifting the veil, so that the Light may be seen. Metatron assists in any unraveling needed, to align one to the Higher Heart, the I Am Presence. It is a return to Divine Creativity, enlightening, enlivening. It is a return to the Peace within.

Saturday, May 30th 2015 will be the Metatronia Therapy Attunement workshop. In this workshop, you will be attuned the Metatronia Therapy Codings. This will attune you to offer "healing" and alignment to others.

The workshop consists of: 

*Power Point Presentation 
*Question & Answer 
*Transmissions of Light *Attunement 
*Visual Presentation 
*Channeling & More

On this day, the workshop will run from 10am until approx 5pm. There will be a break mid-day for lunch.

Day 2 - Sunday, May 31st 2015: Light Body Mechanics

In the Light Body Mechanics workshop, we will review the what Light Body is, what the Light Body vehicle is, forms and variations, evolution, conscious awareness of the Light Body & the Light Body Vehicle and experiential practice of feeling the Light Body Vehicle. There will be a powerpoint presentation, live discussion, question & answer, group sharing and experiential time. 
Day two will run from 10 am until approx. 5pm with a break mid-day for lunch.

Workshops hosted by Tammy Majchrzak & Valorie Farber

It is $444 for both days.  And $222 for each day.

An application form will be emailed to you upon registration that will need to be completed prior to attendance.

Please register early as space is limited to 20 participants. There are registrations for these workshops taking place on multiple websites. Please do not assume that there are plenty of spaces left by solely referring to this page. We anticipate this workshop selling out.

Lunch is not provided. There will be a specified lunch break of about an hour and you will have free time to enjoy lunch where you choose.  

Please feel free to email Tammy at with any questions regarding Metatronia Therapy and/or workshops.

Laguna Hills full 2-Day attendance

Laguna Hills Day 1 Only

Laguna Hills Day 2 Only