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This is the official Metatronia Therapy Workshop site. All Metatronia Therapy Workshops are run by official and appointed workshop Facilitators. 

There are pre-requisites to attending the Workshop. The first is an application form is completed, then the workbook is sent to you with a Q&A to complete prior to the workshop. You will need to annotate on the initial application form if you wish to be attuned as an Active or Non-Active Therapist.

(Only Official, approved Metatronia Facilitators are authorised to run the Metatronia Therapy workshops. All Approved Facilitators are shown on the Metatronia Foundation of Light site).

Workshop Contents:

Transmissions of Light


Spiritual Tools and Techniques

Metatronia Therapy Attunement 

Healing Demonstration

Q&A Sessions



The Transmissions of Light meditation is an integral part of this workshop. You will be linked directly with Metatron's beautiful and transformational energy and when this link is made many changes come to you, in many forms, releasing, uplifting and connecting you to Metatron. This has to be felt to be experienced.

Please visit to find details of all Active Metatronia Practitioners and Workshop Facilitators. 

Visit for full details on Metatronia Therapy. The Foundation of Light is an accredited and approved training provider. 

Please note - these are very high vibrational and powerful transformational workshops and those who feel ready as they are journeying on their Ascension and Awakening Evolutionary path will be drawn to this work. 

If you would like to hold one of our workshops in your area then please contact the MTFOL.




11-13th July 2014

Retreat with Tammy Majchrzak

Lendrick Lodge, Stirling, Scotland

250 per person and this includes accommodation and meals (Vegetarian) from Friday 11th July 2014 (2pm) till 2pm on the Sunday 13th 2014.

4 places remaining. Shared rooms up to 3 people.

Deposit of 50 secures your booking and is non-refundable. The Remainder balance due in full by 1st May 2014.

Deposit Payment

Full Payment Lendrick Lodge

4-5 October 2014

Hosts: Tammy Majchrzak & Valorie Farber

214 W 29th St # 16, New York, NY 10001

Day 1 - Metatronia Therapy Workshop

Day 2 - The Launch of the Lightbody Vehicle Mechanics Workshop.

10am to 5pm 

Places limited to 20 per day. 

Email contact is: 

Closing date for booking is 10th September 2014.

Full 2 Day Attendance

Day 1 MT Day only

LBV Day 2 Only

2-3 May 2015

Hosts: Tammy Majchrzak & Valorie Farber

Metatronia Therapy 2-Day Workshop

Mount Shasta Resort
1000 Siskiyou Lake Blvd
Mount Shasta, CA, USA

Day 1 - Metatronia Therapy Workshop 10-5pm

Day 2 - Lightbody Mechanics Workshop 10-4pm

Registration fee $444 for both days

$222 for either day

All bookings to be made, with full payment by 10th April 2015. 

Places limited to 20 per day. 

Full 2-Day attendance

Day 1 MT Day Only

LBV Day 2 only

Metatronia Foundation of Light Link (MTFOL)

"I am the healing resonance, I am the Light bearer, the healer of Mankind, open and I will answer.....I am the light to your darkness, the bringer of many transformations, the holder of your soul's light...and I will ignite the flame within you, once again....."